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Hello there 0 bombers

2016-04-17 12:27:48 by Teneke

How is it cooking over at the lands of hate with hate trees grow on hate grass on top of hate dirt surrounded with liquid hate where hate fishes thrive and eat other hate fishes


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2016-04-17 13:31:36

dont worry mate, they are just talentless jerkoffs.

0 voters suck, and they should learn how to use their votes properly.

you make good art tho.
i am impressed.

do you animate as well?

Teneke responds:

I am fairly new into digital art. Want to animate but i dont have the patience :(

And Thank you very much for the positivity. Really appreciate it. You Rock.


2016-04-17 15:13:04

as the pilot of NG reasonable 0-bomber squadron, im a talentless jerkoff, according to @chris-the-stick2

clarification, i did not know you so i did not bomb you. probably the other idiots did it.


2016-04-26 18:15:18

no problem, teneke!

keep practising in your art, and work your way to the top.
you can do it, i believe that with practise+hard work, you can make good art!

also, a message to mr @Anarkat :
im not calling you a talentless jerkoff, im calling the 0-bombers who 0 movies/art out of spite/jealousy/, im talking about people who 0 movies/art for malicious reasons, and not to help the portal.

anarkat, if you are helping the portal and you vote FAIRLY, with good judgement for each piece that you review/vote for, then its OK. you are a good voter.

however, if you 0 movies out of spite, and with a malicious intent, then im sorry but...
you should stop doing that.

that is all.