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2016-02-29 09:14:09 by Teneke

Ah! Hello there. I have good news and bad news. 


Bad news first, dealing with inner demons. Might not post new artwork in following days. I'll be fine though.


Good news. Turkish based t-shirt company accepted my designs and now i'm officialy selling t-shirts with a small profit. Which is nice. 


Best Regards. Peace out.


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2016-02-29 13:16:41

Good shit with the sales. I need to do some sales with my music.

As for dealing with inner demons, wouldn't artwork be a great outlet?

Teneke responds:

Thank you :D

well yeah but if i am emotionally broken. I wont be willing to do my work. I virtually cant do artwork while i try to fix my innards. It wont take long though. I will probably go back to work in no time.

Good luck with your sales too man.

Best Regards.