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Back again.

2016-05-16 10:57:57 by Teneke

Back again with pointy sticks. 

Hello there 0 bombers

2016-04-17 12:27:48 by Teneke

How is it cooking over at the lands of hate with hate trees grow on hate grass on top of hate dirt surrounded with liquid hate where hate fishes thrive and eat other hate fishes

Ah! More artwork

2016-04-13 09:07:26 by Teneke

Back with more weird shit to throw at your eye sockets. Hope you like my weird shit.

It's been long time.

2016-04-05 13:49:26 by Teneke

Hello ^-^


Passed one big exam. Back to the artworks. Gonna buy a graphic pad this week (Hopefully.) I do hope that thing improves both my efficency and quality, might post some digital artwork (Non pixel-art.) 


Just realised i lost my scout. Ah well :/

Working on some sprites.

2016-03-02 14:59:42 by Teneke

    Hello people of the NG, i am new into visuals of game development industry. Trying to get hold of crucial stuff i have to know how to make. I made a walking animation of a humorous character. A KNIGHT WEARING SHALWAR. 

    Which makes me feel like i've accomplished something. 

    I have quite a bit to go on still. But a start is a start. 


Thank you for your attention, have an awesome day/night/afternoon. 

Crisis is over.

2016-03-01 15:33:13 by Teneke

Good stuff continues. This one. Cheaty Cheaty Teneke used gamma values to make his shiny shinier.


5371834_145686437542_Arkaplan.pngThere. Have it.


2016-02-29 09:14:09 by Teneke

Ah! Hello there. I have good news and bad news. 


Bad news first, dealing with inner demons. Might not post new artwork in following days. I'll be fine though.


Good news. Turkish based t-shirt company accepted my designs and now i'm officialy selling t-shirts with a small profit. Which is nice. 


Best Regards. Peace out.